As someone who is still, technically, young (I’m 23), I often find myself fantasizing about things: What if I become a bestselling author? What if my screenplay gets turned into a film? What will I say at my Oscar speech? It’s always fantasizing about living an ideal life, one where I’m not held back by depression, anxiety, derealization, and all the other things that destroy my motivation, drive, and ability to function at full capacity.

It makes returning to selling burgers in a restaurant even more difficult — why can’t I just be the me I am in my mind?

Reading this made me pause and consider the things I do have: wonderful friends, a stable life, a loving family, and enough time ahead of me to achieve things if I stop fantasizing and focus on the here and now.

Thank you for sharing your story.

Writer, musician, rock climber, and human trying his best. Get in touch:

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