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The words we use to describe others are more than semantics; they have a dangerous capability to misrepresent a situation.

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Narcissistic abuse is, unfortunately, a cruel reality for many people — a form of emotional and psychological abuse inflicted by someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) or Antisocial Personality Disorder (APD), also commonly referred to as sociopaths or psychopaths. In other words: someone who lacks empathy.

The American Psychological Association outlines the signs of NPD in The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM 5):

  • A pervasive pattern of grandiosity (making themselves appear impressive)
  • Need for admiration
  • Fantasies about power, success, beauty or an idealized vision of love
  • Sense of entitlement
  • Belief in being special, unique or high-status
  • Lack…

How an acceptance of folklore and cryptozoology can enhance our cultural insight and reveal truths about our humanity

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In 1976, Jay Cochran, Jr., assistant director of the FBI’s scientific and technical services division, received a small clump of about 15 long hairs and a bit of skin from a man named Peter Byrne. Byrne asked the FBI to analyze the hairs as his team at the Bigfoot Information Center and Exhibition couldn’t. Obviously, Byrne was hoping to receive news that would confirm the hair to be Bigfoot’s. Four decades later, in 2019, the FBI declassified its file on Bigfoot, and the truth came out.

The hairs belonged to a deer. Yes, the FBI “has a file on Bigfoot,”…

I know you’re all frustrated, too, so why am I still being flooded with self-help BS?

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When I used to daydream about being a writer, the appeal was telling stories. Whether that meant writing fiction or blogging or screenwriting didn’t matter much to me — I just wanted to write.

Then life went to shit. I graduated from college, drank too much, worked a job I hated, and desperately struggled to hang onto a relationship that wasn’t working — and when it inevitably ended, I blamed myself. I was a mess. I needed help.

Instead, I beat myself up, told myself my life wasn’t worth living and sank into a pit of depression until I came…

Now that’s out of the way, what are you going to do with the time you have?

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I don’t know a lot.

I don’t know why the universe was created or by whom, if anyone. I don’t know what my roommate’s cat thinks about me when I step out of the shower and run to my room, having forgotten a towel. I don’t know what a whip or a nae nae is. I don’t know a more relevant Gen Z trend to reference because if I did, then I’d know it. You know?

In fact, I don’t know much about life, the universe, and everything other than the answer is 42. …

A human trying his best.

When I was fourteen, I watched Scott Pilgrim vs. The World for the first time. It had everything I wanted: action, romance, comedy, a main character that was a dorky, awkward guy just like me. It’s my favorite movie, and it took me almost a decade to realize that Scott was an asshole.

I’m bringing this up because it was during a rewatch of Scott Pilgrim that I had a realization: I was an asshole.

I don’t mean that I was a bad person, or a mean person, or a malicious person, but simply that I was an asshole. I…

A consistent, high-paying client had to drop our project. Here are the 3 things I did instead of panicking.

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I was surprised when my client called my phone number directly. Normally, we had our meetings on Discord. Something was off. I answered the phone quickly, still out of breath from walking upstairs after a birthday brunch featuring several mimosas and Brisket Benedict.

“Hey,” I sputtered. “How’s it going?” After a long explanation about her complicated new situation, J told me we would have to put the book I’d been writing for her on hold for the time being. I understood — after all, we’d gotten to know each other well over the past few months, and some things are…

Linear thinking never worked out for me, so I tried a different approach.

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“Your outline is due next week.” The dreaded words echoed in my skull. An outline? I thought. How am I supposed to know what’s going to happen? When I was in film school, I specialized in screenwriting. To emulate (sort of, kind of, maybe) the Hollywood system, we were required to pitch our screenplay ideas at the beginning of the semester along with a logline, then develop an outline and treatment, and finally write the script.

I enjoyed writing the script. I hated outlining.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I had (and still have) ADHD — combined-type…

America’s largest student loan provider uses ineptitude and misinformation to manipulate and prey upon its borrowers, and it’s a huge, huge problem.

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As of right now, the total amount of student debt is $1,731,307,569,796. 1.7 trillion dollars. Of course, that number goes up every day. Most of those loans are federal, but federal loans usually don’t cover the entirety of someone’s college education, which means many are forced to turn to private loan companies. Companies like Sallie Mae.

According to the company’s own earnings statement, they completed $3.16 billion in private education loan sales in the first quarter of 2021 alone, resulting in a gain of $399 million. That’s more than Avengers: Endgame made at the box office. In just one quarter

The fallacy of self-improvement and what to do instead.

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Thank you for fulfilling my desperate need for attention, but I’m serious. This is not a self-help article. I’m not going to offer you any “hacks” to improve your mindset, unlock your potential, or boost your productivity because let's be real, you’ve heard it all already.

I have nothing new to offer you. No one does.

Yet somehow, we keep making multi-millionaires out of people who claim to have, finally, figure it all out. Nobody before has, of course, but they are them, and I am me — and I’ve got it all figured out. You want to figure it…

The 30-year-old comedian’s new Netflix special is all over TikTok, so maybe he’s not as out of touch with Zoomers as he jokes

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I was fourteen the first time I heard Bo Burnham’s song “New Math,” which, as he describes, “takes something that’s not funny—math—and makes it offensive.”

It was like taking the first, long drag of a cigarette; I wanted more, and Burnham didn’t disappoint, releasing multiple specials, all culminating in 2016’s Make Happy.

The special ends with an auto-tuned rant inspired by Kanye West and gets deeply personal and real between jokes about Pringle cans and overstuffed burritos: “Come and watch the skinny kid with the steadily declining mental health as he attempts to give you what he cannot give himself.”

Austin Harvey

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