Shame is one of the harshest beliefs we buy into about ourselves, but neurodivergency isn’t a bad thing; it’s just different.

Chalk illustration of a person with swirling thoughts.
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My brain is wired to make impulsive decisions. Even with medication, even with therapy, I can’t always control my impulsiveness. Last week, I ordered Chinese takeout despite having a fridge full of food. In March, I quit my bartending job to start my freelancing career. It felt like a good…

A “busy day” can involve doing absolutely nothing at all when you have ADHD, but it’s not hopeless.

Photo by KoolShooters from Pexels

Imagine being strapped to a chair, hands tied, while a fly buzzes around your head. You know the fly is there. You can hear it zipping past your ear, but you can’t swat it away. Now imagine a swarm of flies buzzing around your head. …

Is humor an effective coping tool for depression, or are jokes about suicide a cause for concern?

Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash

I made a joke once that I was rather proud of. I don’t remember it word for word, but an old coworker had been talking to me about life, depression, and careers, referring to each negative experience as “another step.”

I responded something like, “Yeah, and the last step is…

We are complicated creatures with feelings and actions we can’t always control, but we must always take responsibility.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

First, a thought experiment: Think back to a moment you regret. What’s the first thing that comes to mind? I used to envy the few people who could answer that question and say, “nothing.”

As a constant over-thinker, an anxious depressive with ADHD, I’m used to my brain being a…

Japanese Mythology

Tasked by their primordial elders, the lovers Izanagi and Izanami were tasked with taming the chaos of the world and gave birth to many of Japan’s most important deities.

Utagawa Hiroshige, c. 1847–1852

The world was young, floating like oil in a vast and empty cosmos. Earth swirled around itself, sunken in silence and chaos, drifting through the endlessness as a jellyfish drifts through the sea. …

Driven by insatiable hunger, the Wendigo stalks the forests of North America, looking for fresh meat to devour.

‘Wendigo’ by JoseRealArt

After a fair in Edmonton on July 30, 2008, carnival barker Tim McLean boarded a Greyhound to Winnipeg traveling through Saskatchewan on the Yellowhead Highway. He took a seat at the rear of the bus, by the toilet. After a scheduled rest stop in Erickson, a new passenger boarded the…

Sex workers have been fighting for respect, and the platform that gave them control over their bodies and content is stripping it away

Belle Delphine from Wikimedia

OnlyFans is banning sexually explicit content, starting October 1, 2021. Nudity will still be allowed on the platform, but nudity isn’t what led to the platform’s monolithic $2.3 billion in transactions. Nudity isn’t what earns 300 of the site’s top creators $1 million.

The platform’s most controversial creator, Belle Delphine…

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